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Repointing Thurmaston Leicestershire (LE4): The time will arrive to do some maintenance on your dwelling in Thurmaston, no matter what age your property happens to be. If you've noticed the mortar between the brickwork on your Thurmaston house is eroding or cracking, you need expert assistance to prevent the issue from deteriorating further. If you have the need to renovate or repair your defective brickwork, a reliable brick repointing specialist in Thurmaston can provide a high quality solution.

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The bricks and mortar are what make a house sufficiently strong enough to withstand the weather. To prevent any damp or draughts from forcing their way in through holes or gaps, and thus to keep a house warm and dry, the mortar needs to be in sufficiently good condition. Is it pretty easy to spot when you might need to do some repointing?

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It is merely a case of visually checking your brickwork. If problem areas can be speedily identified by such a cursory inspection, then it's likely that you'll need some repointing work. In areas such as on chimneys or under eaves it might be necessary to use a professional to check, however in most cases you ought to be able to see for yourself the physical signs of degradation.

The issues of safety that crumbling or cracked mortar can cause should also be taken into consideration, along with the visual aesthetics of your home. The mortar is the main basis of strength for your Thurmaston property and is the "glue" that binds the structure and shape together. If this is impaired, the framework can become unstable, which with regards to taller buildings or chimney stacks, can cause severe damage and be a risk to life.

It might be that missing or crumbling mortar is the result of damaged brickwork. It's vital that you use a reliable brick repointing contractor in Thurmaston, so they can repair or replace any defective areas of brickwork prior to the repointing being done. This will ensure the best possible finish to your house, with no horrible surprises afterwards.

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In homes where the outside walls have been painted or plastered over in the past, you might see areas which are discoloured or prone to dampness, which could be a sign of problems underneath. If there are signs of flaking, bubbling or other degradation to painted or rendered brickwork, it might be a warning of problems with the bricks or mortar permitting moisture into the walls. It's advisable to seek assistance from a professional repointing specialist who can investigate the root cause of the issue, and stop the damage spreading and causing more complex issues at a later date. By using a professional service like this you will be able to make sure that your home is safe, solid and looking awesome.


Repointing is a lengthy process and can involve working at height, depending on your property type. A visual survey is the initial step in this process and will ascertain the scope of the remedial work that is needed on your home. They will be in a position to offer you a quotation for the entire project, as soon as they have looked at all of this information. You shouldn't always assume that the best estimate is the cheapest estimate, and remember to get at least 3 or 4 quotes before you decide.

If you've got out-of-reach parts of your house that couldn't be checked out during the original on-site survey, a further inspection with extending ladders and possibly scaffolding could be needed. If this more comprehensive survey exposes further, more serious issues, the initial estimate may need to be revised. If your house in Thurmaston is over sixty years old and has never been repointed previously then it's very likely to need extra work compared to a more contemporary building.

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Once all the issues with your building have been established, a trustworthy repointing specialist in Thurmaston will discuss the best options for repair. To provide a sturdy platform for the repointing team, most properties will need some sort of scaffold to be put up. Some form of protective sheeting or shielding will then be attached to the exterior of the scaffolding. This stops any brick dust or debris falling onto your property or that of your neighbours.

To permit easy access to all brickwork, any cabling, pipes and conduits that are attached to the wall may have to be adjusted or removed. As soon as the project has been completed and all pointing work carried out these these will be put back in position.

So that your repointing contractors can get access to the bare brick surfaces of your house in Thurmaston, any pebble-dash, paint, rendering will need to be stripped away from the walls prior to commencing. After removal of these coverings all the bricks can be sanded and cleaned, this gives the repointing team a standardised surface to work on.

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To help you choose the type of repointing finish to your walls, a good Thurmaston repointing specialist will be able to show the different pointing styles (Weather Struck, Recessed, Tuck or Flush), by the creation of a test panel on your brickwork. This allows you to see how each would look on your brickwork and demonstrate the different colours and styles on offer.

The next step is to take out the old, crumbling mortar by raking and scraping out the joints in the brickwork. This is quite a laborious process where any dust, debris and old mortar has to be carefully cleaned away to provide a satisfactory binding surface for the new mortar. The repointing team will be especially cautious around windows, doors and other openings where movement in the brickwork or an over application of mortar can result in difficulty in opening and closing them.

To avoid the fresh mortar drying out too quickly, the brickwork will be damped down before any new pointing commences. This keeps the mortar flexible and enables it to dry out at a slower pace to prevent cracking, which can lead to a weaker joint. When it is sufficiently dry the time has come to clean any excess mortar and smears from the adjoining brickwork. A wire brush can be used to clean the brickwork that have been completed before moving on to the next part of the wall needing work.

It's possible that as the repointers are working they could find broken brickwork that needs replacing, or maybe an issue with faulty lead flashing or a chimney, and an experienced repointer will be ideally placed to perform these repairs as they go.

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After the walls have been cleaned for a final time, to get a uniform visual appearance, any painting, rendering or pebble-dashing of the completed wall surface can be done. The final step of the repointing project will entail all cables, pipes and other fittings put back into their original positions, work platforms and scaffolding dismantled and all waste removed from the site.

Repointing your house using a skilled Thurmaston specialist will mean you need not worry about your exterior brickwork for fifty years or more. Warranties that are offered for the repointing should be affiliated with with providers and manufacturers from the building industry giving cover for substandard materials.

If a company has qualifications or accreditations from trade organisations like the NHBC (National House-Building Council), the NFBC (National Federation of Building Contractors) and the FMB (Federation of Master Builders), you can be reassured that you are dealing with a trustworthy and experienced business. Additionally, every person on the repointing crew who works on your house should be a member of the Construction Skills Certification Scheme to confirm that they have the appropriate training and skills to be part of the project.

Safeguarding Your Structure: The Necessity of Repointing Explained

With the passage of time, several factors can contribute to the deterioration of mortar:

  1. Weathering: Unrelenting exposure to wind, extreme temperatures and rain can weaken and damage mortar, leading to cracks and crumbling.
  2. Natural ageing: With the relentless progression of time, mortar loses its inherent strength, increasing its vulnerability to various different forms of damage.
  3. Structure movement: If a building experiences structural movement, like moving foundations, the mortar joints can become stressed, leading to cracks and eventual separation.
  4. Incompatible mortar composition: Mortar compatibility is important! Using an incorrect type for the application can lead to faster breakdown and potential conflicts with the existing materials.
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Repointing work can be done in Thurmaston and also in: Cropston, Quenilborough, Beaumont Leys, Rothley, Barkby, Humberstone, Cossington, Wanlip, Thurcaston, Scraptoft, Belgrave, South Croxton, and in these postcodes LE4 8NA, LE4 8FN, LE4 8LR, LE4 8GE, LE4 8HL, LE4 8JF, LE4 8JA, LE4 8GD, LE4 8JS, and LE4 8NX. If a repointing contractor has the telephone dialling code 0116 and the postcode LE4, it's fairly likely that they come from somewhere in Thurmaston area.

Brickwork Crack Stitching

When there are major cracks in brickwork buildings and structures, they can sometimes be repaired using a process called brick crack stitching. So as to reinforce the affected area's mortar bed and provide additional support to the structure, stainless steel rods are inserted and held in place with a specialised grout. The primary goal of this procedure is to strengthen the affected brickwork, ensuring that it is well-supported and protected from further cracking. The stainless steel rods used in this procedure are designed to flex and twist, allowing them to move with the structure and absorb any extra stresses. The crack stitching procedure is adaptable to various brick-built structures, such as arches, walls, bridges and chimneys, and can be used to repair cracks and prevent further deterioration. By employing this process, a common problem in brickwork structures can be effectively addressed, resulting in an extended longevity for the structure. The crack stitching technique can be used on both modern and historic structures and is often favoured over other repair procedures, such as repointing or rebuilding, as it is more cost-effective and less invasive. It is important to note, however, that crack stitching should only be undertaken by a professional with a practical knowledge of this technique, because incorrect installation can cause further damage to the building. Brickwork crack stitching is a trusted and practical method for mending cracks in brick structures and buildings, and its benefits have made it a go-to option for homeowners and contractors.

Tuck Pointing Thurmaston

With old and deteriorating brickwork where the mortar is unstable and crumbling, tuck pointing (or tuckpointing) is a beneficial restoration process. It's a technique that's used to aesthetically accentuate the appearance of walls to give the illusion that they are perfectly maintained.

This practice involves raking out the old, crumbling mortar and replacing it with a mortar mixture that is colour-blended with the stone or brick that makes up the wall. A thin contrasting strip of lighter mortar is then applied to make it seem like the joints are even and neat, where in fact the joints are actually wide and irregular in width.

Without the need for any major renovations, the results of tuckpointing can be quite spectacular, particularly when viewed from afar, and can dramatically enhance the overall appearance of a wall.

Patch Repointing Thurmaston

Unlike a full repoint, which involves replacing mortar across the entire building surface, patch repointing concentrates on particular damaged areas, making it a more focused and cost-effective method. Older structures in Thurmaston, in particular, necessitate regular patch repointing to maintain the integrity of their brick and stonework. Due to weather and wear, the mortar that is sandwiched between the bricks deteriorates over time. To prevent additional deterioration and to keep the structure secure, it is vital to fix these areas when they become damaged. In patch repointing, the focus lies on replacing defective mortar with new mortar that mirrors the original as accurately as possible. This involves carefully removing the damaged material first. With this technique, you can achieve a refreshed look for your brickwork, all while guaranteeing a stronger and more secure wall.

Patch Repointing Thurmaston

Preserving their properties, a growing number of householders and property managers in Thurmaston are turning to patch repointing and pointing services. As water can penetrate cracks and freeze, causing serious damage, these services are particularly important in areas with adverse weather conditions. Professionals who provide these services in Thurmaston will carefully choose the best kind of mortar to match the building's style and age, guaranteeing a seamless and effective repair.

Long-term cost savings can be achieved by opting to invest in patch repointing, which prevents more serious structural issues. Frequent inspections help to pinpoint areas that require attention, allowing repairs to be conducted promptly. Professional patch repointing services allow homeowners in Thurmaston to keep their buildings functional, safe and attractive for years to come. (Patch Repointing Thurmaston)

Mortar Colour Matching

The aesthetics and integrity of masonry structures in Thurmaston are determined by the details, especially in historical or older ones. Mortar colour matching is one detail that stands out in its importance among others. Mortar colour matching is a vital part of any brick restoration project, and it is only the professionals and purists who appreciate its importance.

Mortar Colour Matching Thurmaston

Mortar is the binding agent that holds together masonry units such as bricks, stones, or others. It not only ensures structural soundness but also amplifies the building's visual appeal. The appeal of a brick wall is derived not only from the bricks themselves but also from the mortar that fills the gaps. The overall appearance of a structure can be significantly affected by a discrepancy in mortar colour, as a result.

The new mortar should be seamlessly integrated with the pre-existing one during the repair or restoration of a building. The art and science of mortar colour matching is crucial here. By maintaining uniformity, the structure's original visual appearance is retained, giving the impression that no work has taken place - a desirable outcome in refurbishment projects.

Matching colours precisely is often more complicated than it first seems. Points to bear in mind include:

  1. Additives: Modern mortar mixes might include a range of additives, from colouring agents to chemicals that enhance durability. Each additive can affect the mortar's final colour.
  2. Binders: The colour of the mortar is partly determined by binding materials like lime and cement. Altering how much of these materials are used can subtly adjust the shade of the mortar.
  3. Sand: The colour, type and granularity of sand used in the mortar mix play a significant role in determining its final colour. Different regions have sands of different hues, and thus sourcing the right type of sand becomes crucial.

With the passing of time, the colour of mortar can be affected by environmental conditions like moisture, air pollution and temperature fluctuations. Consequently, the task is about more than just replicating the original colour; it's about predicting how the new mortar will age relative to the existing one.

The benefits of mortar colour matching go beyond mere aesthetics. If the mortar doesn't match in terms of strength and composition, it can lead to problems like thermal movement or differential settling. The building's structural stability could become compromised over time due to this.

All in all, successful masonry restoration relies on achieving an accurate mortar colour match, a job requiring both technical proficiency and a keen eye for slight visual distinctions. For both the property owner in Thurmaston who's embarking on a family home renovation and the professional conservator dedicated to the preservation of a historic building, securing a perfect mortar match is an essential part of the process. It guarantees not only the longevity and durability of the structure, but its beauty as well. (79031 - Mortar Colour Matching Thurmaston)

Thurmaston Repointing Tasks

Just Some of the Tasks That a Repointing Specialist Can Do

Repointing Tasks Thurmaston

There is a range of work that can be accomplished by your local Thurmaston repointing specialist including pointing and re-pointing mortar joints, the repointing and pointing of brickwork, house re-pointing, roof verge repointing, brickwork joint raking in Thurmaston, stone cleaning, cheap re-pointing, the repointing of chimney stacks, brickwork conservation, repointing services, brick staining in Thurmaston, chimney repointing, brick foundation repointing, brickwork crack repairs in Thurmaston, brick joint restoration, brickwork inspections, brickwork colour restoration services, the lime pointing of brickwork and stonework, bed joint reinforcement, dry verge system installation, stone strengthening, restorations to damaged brickwork, repointing price quotes in Thurmaston, paint removal from brickwork, repointing of garden walls, facade restoration, patio repointing Thurmaston, mortar rake grinding in Thurmaston, the replacement of damaged brickwork, cracked brickwork repairs, and scaffolding hire. These are just a handful of the tasks that are accomplished by those specialising in repointing brickwaork. Thurmaston providers will tell you about their whole range of repointing services.

Skip Hire Thurmaston

Skip Hire Thurmaston

Home remodeling, garden revamps and even modest do-it-yourself projects are legendary for the amount of waste which is produced and needs to be gotten rid of. Some repointing projects will create hardly any waste, whilst others could result in quite a bit - it will be determined by the circumstances of your particular project. In many cases the tradesperson you're employing will happily remove the waste that is generated during the course of the work, but be warned - quite a few of them certainly don't!

Hiring a skip is one of the simplest and most trouble-free ways to dispose of this waste. You'll need to choose the right size of skip, because there are various different sizes on offer. You can choose from a mini-skip, a midi-skip, a builders skip or a roll-on roll-off skip, or you could even hire a skip bag.

GO HERE and enter your requirements to get Thurmaston skip hire quotes.


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