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Repointing Wellington Shropshire (TA21): At some point in time you will need to do a bit of maintenance and repair on your home in Wellington, no matter how old your property happens to be. Buildings in Wellington are hit by all weathers, pollution and other harmful issues which can affect the state of the mortar between the bricks, and should you see evidence of this you may have to call somebody. If you need to renovate or repair your damaged brickwork, a reputable brick repointing specialist in Wellington will offer a high quality resolution.

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It has been said that a house is only as good as its mortar and bricks, and that is certainly true. If the mortar is in an unsatisfactory condition with holes, gaps or eroding spots, then draughts and dampness can enter your property and cause many problems to the integrity of the structure. But how do you determine whether or not your home needs to be repointed?

Repointing Wellington Shropshire (TA21)

It really is just a case of visually checking your brickwork. If you find damaged areas or sections that look different to the remainder of the property, you might want to contact a professional repointing contractor for a more thorough inspection. You ought to be able to see for yourself in most cases the physical signs of deterioration, but in awkward places like under eaves or on chimney stacks it could be necessary to use an expert to check it out for you.

The safety issues that crumbling and cracked mortar can cause should also be considered, together with the aesthetics of your house. The mortar is the foundation of strength for your Wellington house and is the "glue" that holds the shape and structure together. With regards to property damage and injury risks, any weeknesses in the integrity of the building can have major consequences, and this is even more concerning in buildings with chimneys or higher buildings.

If sections of brickwork have been weakened or damaged over the years and are the reason for the problems with your mortar they might have to be removed and replaced. Any defective bricks found during the inspection by the specialist will be replaced or repaired before any repointing is completed.

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Quite a few Wellington properties in past times had their exterior brick walls rendered with plaster or painted to help shield the brickwork. Any bubbling, peeling or cracks of paint or plaster could signify a deterioration of either mortar or bricks beneath the surface. Investigation of this issue, by a repointing specialist is the only safe way to ensure the degradation does not spread more widely and cause structural issues as time goes on. A decent repointing company in Wellington will easily achieve this and help to keep your home in the best condition possible.


Working up high is generally necessary when repointing a property in Wellington, and the entire process can take quite a bit of time and effort. When you bring in a repointing contractor, the first thing that they will need to do is conduct a visual inspection of the structure, so that they can evaluate the amount of work that is necessary and the magnitude of any damage. This will enable them to offer you an estimate for repair and renovation. It is always best to get two or three quotations from different repointing companies in Wellington and verify the standard of service offered between them.

It may be that in the original on-site survey there were some areas of your home that were inaccessible or hard to reach and in this instance a further, more detailed survey could be necessary. This second survey might expose additional problem areas that may raise the first price quote. If your Wellington home has not been previously repointed and is over 60 years old, the likelihood is that it will need more restoration work than would be the case with a more modern property.

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As soon as all of the problems with your building have been established, a trustworthy repointing specialist in Wellington will go over the most effective methods of repair. In order to have a sturdy platform while refurbishing your home, the likelihood is that the repointing crew will need to have a scaffold built. A protective shielding will be fixed to the exterior of the scaffold, as soon as it has been built. This protective sheeting should stop any mortar dust or other debris from causing damage to your house, or neighbouring properties, and also gives a layer of safety to help prevent injuries to passers-by.

Any external wires, such as TV or satellite, will be removed from the walls and any piping will be removed or adjusted to allow easy access to the brickwork behind. On completion of the project all cables and pipes will be placed back into their appropriate locations.

To enable the repointing team to access the affected brickwork, any paint, pebble-dash or rendering will now have to be removed before work can start. Once this has been removed the bricks can be diligently cleaned and sanded to provide a uniform surface for work to begin.

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A reliable Wellington repointing company will be glad to mock up a small test panel on your brickwork to allow you to choose the different designs available for the mortar, (Weather Struck, Recessed, Tuck or Flush pointing). This helps you see how each would look on your home and demonstrate the different styles and colours on offer.

The joints are now thoroughly raked out to remove the old, crumbling mortar and clean the spaces between the bricks. This is a time consuming process and entails the grinding or chipping away of old mortar and brushing away all the dust and loose debris to provide a clean surface for the application of new mortar. Any door and window openings will be given extra attention by the repointers to avoid any disturbance of the frames or having excess mortar applied which could lead to problems with their opening and closing.

One thing that should be avoided is the new mortar drying out too rapidly, and this can be averted by dampening the walls. This slower drying time stops the mortar from cracking and becoming inflexible, which can create a weaker joint. Any excess mortar and smears that are left on the bricks can be cleaned off once the mortar is thoroughly dry. A wire brush is used to clean the wall areas that have been finished before starting on the next portion of the wall needing work.

It's quite possible that as the repointing team are working they may find broken bricks that need replacing, or perhaps issues with lead flashing or a chimney, and a professional company will be able to perform these repair work as they progress.

Chimney Repointing Wellington (TA21)

Once the entire house has been repointed and cleaned, and if you want to re-apply the walls with rendering or re-paint the bricks, then that will now be completed. The cables and pipes will be reattached and the final stage of the repointing project will be to disassemble the scaffolding and work platforms and dispose of all building waste and debris.

The repointing of your house by a professional Wellington contractor will mean that you need not worry yourself about your external brickwork for 50-60 years. They ought to also provide a warranty to their work and be supported by professional qualifications in the construction industry.

If a repointing company has accreditation or qualifications from bodies such as the NFBC (National Federation of Building Contractors), the NHBC (National House-Building Council) and the FMB (Federation of Master Builders), you can be confident you're using the services of an experienced and reputable business. The Construction Skills Certification Scheme is a requirement for everyone working in the construction industry and they must be prepared to show their CSCS card when requested to prove their suitability be working on site.

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Repointing work can be undertaken in Wellington and also nearby in: Burlescombe, Bindon, Chipley, Bunworthy, Bishops Lydeard, Kittesford, Hemyock, Angersleigh, Chelston, Uffculme, West Buckland, Tonedale, Rockwell Green, Ham, Runnington, Nynehead, Milverton, Norton Fitzwarren, together with these postcodes TA21 8JG, TA21 8EP, TA21 8JF, TA21 0AL, TA21 8NG, TA21 0AT, TA21 8JU, TA21 8AH, TA21 8JT, and TA21 0BJ. Local Wellington repointing specialists will most likely have the phone code 01823 and the postcode TA21. This is of course one thing to check if you favour using locally based repointing. Wellington people have lots of choices when they are trying to find repointing services.

Brick Crack Stitching

Brick crack stitching is a procedure used to repair cracks in brick buildings and structures. The procedure involves placing stainless steel rods into the mortar bed of the damaged brickwork and securing them with a special grout. The primary goal of this strategy is to strengthen the affected brickwork, making certain that it is well-supported and protected from cracking in the future. This process utilizes flexible rods that can move with the structure and absorb any extra stress, providing reinforcement and stability to the affected brickwork. The process of crack stitching can be used in a variety of situations, including for repairing cracks in walls, tunnels, chimneys and bridges. The use of this procedure offers an effective and simple solution to a commonplace issue in brick structures and can significantly prolong the life expectancy of the structure. Proper execution of crack stitching is critical, and it should only be performed by a skilled specialist who is experienced in this technique to avoid causing further damage to the building.

Ridge Tile Repointing Wellington

Roof tiles and mortar joints should be examined at least every other year. Repointing cracks in mortar joints can prevent leaking roofs and expensive re-roofing jobs in Wellington. Be extra vigilant with ridge tiles since they are exposed to weathering from all sides and may develop cracks in the mortar joints before other tiles on the roof. If cracks are discovered in the mortar between ridge tiles, the options are repoint the joints or rebed the ridge tile.

The most important thing to remember when repointing in Wellington is safety. When working on the roof, make sure you tie off to a sturdy structure. In addition to thinking about your own safety on the roof, it is also advisable to establish a roped-off area on the ground, where falling objects may land. Repointing ridge tiles is the same process as repointing brick or block work. Once you're secured, use a metal spike to rake out mortar in joints you determine need repointing. Dampen the joint, apply mortar, and use a pointing trowel to smooth the joints between the ridge tiles.

Of course, often a ridge tile has to be rebedded instead of repointed which requires a little more work. Again, ensure that you follow all safety precautions whilst working on the roof. Use a chisel and hammer to remove the mortar as well as the ridge tile. Use the hammer and chisel to remove the mortar from the bed on the roof, and mortar from the bottom of the ridge tile. Once the ridge tile is off, replacing the ridge iron is sensible, especially if there is any sign of rust. Remove any organic matter such as mould or moss and use a fungicide to make sure the area is clean. Then soak the area in water whilst mixing mortar. Mix a stiff mortar in a ratio of 3:1 (sharp sand: cement). Dampen the roof and tile as you proceed. Mortar either side of the ridge tile and use a trowel to lay a bed of mortar on the roof. Place on the mortar bed and press down. Remove any mortar that seeps out between joints. Make sure the joint gaps are filled, and smooth joints with pointing trowel.

The integrity of the roof protects your largest investment from weather damage in Wellington. Checking and repointing your roof before cracks enable water to penetrate into your house, are effective ways to save cash.

Chimney Repointing Wellington

Chimneys are often overlooked with regards to property maintenance, yet a chimney that is showing signs of decay can be a costly hazard. During a preliminary examination of your chimney in Wellington, a specialist might recommend repointing or possibly a complete rebuild of your chimney, depending on the size of the damaged and affected area. Specialist chimney repointing will re-establish the structural stability of your chimney by replacing the old mortar with new material. This could avert the requirement for a total chimney rebuild and give you many more years of peace of mind. Chimney repointing also prevents damage to the inner surfaces of your chimney stack, by preventing moisture from seeping through the holes and cracks in the mortar. Most modern chimneys will be steel lined and if moisture makes contact with this liner, it reduces its lifespan. As soon as repointing has been accomplished, an exterior sealant is applied which repels water and allows any internal moisture to be released.

Mortar Colour Matching

The integrity and aesthetics of masonry structures in Wellington, especially older or historical ones, are heavily reliant on the details. Among these details, mortar colour matching is particularly crucial. Mortar colour matching is an essential part of any brickwork restoration project in Wellington, and it is only the professionals and purists who appreciate its importance.

Mortar Colour Matching Wellington

In the context of masonry, mortar is a binding agent for stones, bricks, or other masonry products. The building benefits both from its structural strength and its enhanced visual appearance. The combined effect of bricks and mortar is what we see when we look at a brick wall, not just the bricks. The overall look of a building is significantly affected by any discrepancy in mortar colour, therefore.

When buildings are repaired or restored, the new mortar must be seamlessly blended with the existing one. It is here that the art and science of mortar colour matching are essential. Maintaining uniformity guarantees that the structure retains its original aesthetic appearance, making it appear as though no work has taken place - an ideal outcome in restoration projects.

Obtaining the perfect colour match is much harder than it might first appear. Factors to consider include:

  1. Binders: The binders, namely lime and cement, contribute to the mortar's colour. Modifying the quantities in which they're mixed can subtly shift the shade of the mortar.
  2. Sand: The specific colour, granularity and type of sand in the mortar mixture are central to its resulting colour. The variation in sand shades across different regions necessitates the careful selection of the right sort of sand.
  3. Additives: The final colour of the mortar can be influenced by various additives found in modern mixes, including chemicals for improved durability and agents for colouring.

Over time, the colour of mortar can be affected by environmental conditions like temperature variations, pollution in the air and moisture. Thus, the procedure entails not merely aligning with the original colour but also foreseeing the ageing process of the new mortar in contrast to the old.

The benefits of mortar colour matching go beyond mere appearance. Problems like differential settling or thermal movement may ensue if the mortar's strength and composition are not matched. The structural stability of the building may be compromised as time passes as a result. (88253 - Mortar Colour Matching Wellington)

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There are a number of different tasks that can be conducted by your local Wellington repointing specialist including house pointing and repointing, brick sealing, brickwork repointing, masonry restoration, bucket handle repointing, brickwork inspections, brick & mortar tinting, commercial repointing, brick step repointing, lintel replacement, tuck pointing Wellington, brick joint raking and repointing, repointing price quotes, brickwork pointing and repointing, dry verge installations, strap pointing in Wellington, pebbledash removal Wellington, brick paint removal in Wellington, ridges repointed or rebedded, fireplace restoration Wellington, damaged brickwork replacement, brick gable end repointing Wellington, tile repointing, rubble masonry, stone wall repointing, the repair and repointing of stone walls, the repointing of stone walls in Wellington, the repair and repointing of mortar joints, stone restoration, masonry and brick decorating in Wellington, repointing of brickwork, crack injection, the repointing of brick joints, renovations to damaged brickwork, brick joint renovation, and repointing scaffolds. These are just an example of the tasks that are handled by experts in repointing. Wellington professionals will be delighted to keep you abreast of their full range of services.

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